Los cumpleaños siempre son emocionantes oportunidades para festejar, recordar que tenemos seres queridos y que podemos construir hermosos momentos. Te presentamos frases y mensajes variados y bonitos de cumpleaños en inglés. 

⭐Mensajes de cumpleaños en inglés

⭐ I hope your special day will bring you lots of happiness, love, and fun. You deserve them a lot. Enjoy!

⭐ All things are sweet and bright. May you have a lovely birthday night.

⭐ Don´t ever change. Stay as amazing as you are, my friend.

⭐ Here´s to the sweetest and loveliest person i know. Happy birthday.

⭐ Happy birthday to my best friend, the one i care about the most.

⭐ May this special day bring you endless joy and tons of precious memories.

⭐Wherever your feet may take, whatever endeavor you lay hands on. It will always be successful. Happy birthday.

⭐ I feel so lucky to have you as my friend. Hope your birthday is as special as you are.May all of your dreams come true. Thanks for being such a great friend. Happy birthday!

🎂Frases de cumpleaños en inglés

🎂 I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you. Have a fantastic birthday

🎂 Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. Happy birthday!

🎂 Happy birthday! I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true.

🎂 A wish for you on your birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on your birthday and always. Happy birthday!

🎂 Another adventure filled year awaits you. Welcome it by celebrating your birthday with pomp and splendor. Wishing you a very happy and fun-filled birthday.

🎂 May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

🎂 This birthday, I wish you abundant happiness and love. May all your dreams turn into reality and may lady luck visit your home today. Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known.

🎂 The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Happy birthday. 

🎂 Don’t regret another birthday, the good news is that you are alive and can celebrate it.

🎂 A birthday is like a new year and my wish for you, is a great year full of happiness and sunshine!

💐Frases de cumpleaños en inglés para amigos

💐Birthdays come around every year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime. I’m so glad you came into my life. Best wishes on your special day.

💐I am grateful for your true friendship. Hope your birthday is amazing as you are my best friend!

💐 I promise that the more birthday candles you blow, the more I will be here for you to celebrate every special event in your life. Happy birthday.

💐I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake. And the year to follow is filled with as much joy as you bring your friends!

 💐 I feel so lucky to have you as my friend. Hope your birthday is as special as you are. May all of your dreams come true. Thanks for being such a great friend. Happy birthday for my friend!

💐I am grateful that you are a part of my life. All the best on your birthday!

💐Happy, happy birthday! You deserve all the cakes, love, hugs and happiness today. Enjoy your day my friend!

💐Every step of the way you were there for me. Through thick and thin I’ll always be there for you. Happy birthday wishes!

😊Frases de cumpleaños originales en inglés

😊Birthdays are a new start, a fresh beginning and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. Move forward with confidence and courage. You are a very special person. May today and all of your days be amazing!

😊Wishing you a very joyous day filled with love, peace, and prosperity.

😊 On your birthday, I thought of giving you the cutest gift in the world. But then I realized that is not possible, because you yourself are the cutest gift in the world.

😊 When the little kids ask how old you are at your party, you should go ahead and tell them. While they’re distracted trying to count that high, you can steal a bite of their cake! Happy birthday!

😊 It’s a smile from me… To wish you a day that brings the same kind of happiness and joy that you bring to me. Happy birthday!

😊 Dear friend, you are one of the most significant people in my life, and I celebrate you today. May your special day be accompanied by oceans of sunshine, love, happiness, and laughter. Enjoy every moment of your day to the max.

🎁Mensajes de cumpleaños divertidos en inglés

🎁 Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.

🎁 For all the advances in medicine, there is still no cure for the common birthday.

🎁 Old age is like a plane flying through a storm. Once you are aboard there is nothing you can do about it.

🎁 Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.

🎁 When I have a birthday, I take the day off. But when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off.

🎁With age comes wisdom. You’re one of the wisest people I know.

🎁 Life would be infinitely better if we could be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18.

🎁 Happiness is like peeing in your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth. And that’s what you feel today. Happy Birthday.

🎁 Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.

🎁 If you want to look young and thin on your birthday . . . then hang around a bunch of old, fat people.

🎁There are lots of good people in the world. One of them would like to wish you a happy birthday.

🎁Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang, «Happy Birthday.»

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